Server Shutdown for V1.49.70 Update


 We will be carrying out a game update at 06:00 UTC on 2023-7-12, which is estimated to last for 4 hours, during which you will be unable to play the game. When the server shutdown begins, all players will receive a 8-hour Peace Shield which will be disabled within 20 minutes after players go online. Commanders, to avoid any unnecessary losses, please prepare yourselves and do not send your troops out of your base during the server shutdown period.


1.New Rover Captain: Revenger Leon now available! Participate in the Captain’s Party to get him!

2.Ocean Adventure event series coming! Consume Summer Goggles to explore the ocean and get precious rewards!

3.Government Title: added Lv.2 title – Vice Governor; the original Lv.2 title and those below will be leveled down by 1; commanders with this title will enjoy an output buff for all resources, and will be able to distribute titles below Lv.2 in their servers.


1.Decoration upgrade system: whenever you upgrade a decoration, you can activate it in the Decoration Handbook and get points; please remember to activate them when you have any upgradeable decorations;

2.Strategic Plan: changed the “”Warm Autumn Delicacy”” and the “”Midsummer Officer License”” in the rankings into “”Proof of Power””.

3.Advanced Summon: added Flaming Jet Nirvana and Laker Bach to Advanced Summon;

4.Black Ops: when a type of units suffer a loss caused by a missile, the total damage will be taken by the corresponding units, starting from those of the lowest star level. 

[Zona’s Intel]

Here is the latest intel from Zona:

Recent research shows the East Continent and the West Continent were one long long ago… and all commanders fought the terrorists together…

Even Top Territory looks completely different now… Is it… another plot of Hydra?

All event-related actions which are completed during the server shutdown period will not be calculated into event points.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please tap the [Customer Support] icon in the bottom right corner of the main interface to contact our support team.

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