Commanders, We will be carrying out a game update at 06:00 UTC on 2023-7-26, which is estimated to last for 4 hours, during which you will be unable to play the game. When the server shutdown begins, all players will receive a 8-hour Peace Shield which will be disabled within 20 minutes after players go online. Commanders, to avoid any unnecessary losses, please prepare yourselves and do not send your troops out of your base during the server shutdown period. [New] 1.AI Network 1) Intro: once equipped, the AI Network will be displayed with unique special effects; allies/enemies within the range of your AI Network will be subject to specific attribute buffs/debuffs; 2) Source: you can get it from the new Top Territory after the two Continents merged(Check the in-game notice for more details.); 2.Invasion Black Card: activate the Black Card to enjoy super privileges as well as daily rewards …READ MORE

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