The Tesla Lab in Invasion Modern Empire: A Closer Look at the Latest Update

Invasion Modern Empire recently released an update, V1.19.80, which addressed certain issues related to the Tesla Lab. Prior to this update, players had noticed abnormal time frames and were capitalizing on the situation. However, with the fix in place, the Tesla Lab now operates on normal timers and regenerations. In this blog post, we will discuss the changes, evaluate the benefits of upgrading to Glory level 6, and share our thoughts on the current state of the Tesla Lab.

The Past Anomaly

Before the V1.19.80 update, the Tesla Lab was inadvertently granting generous time reductions based on the player’s level. This unexpected bonus made upgrading the lab an incredibly worthwhile investment, providing several days’ worth of speed-ups. Players found this feature advantageous and utilized it to their advantage.

Current State of the Tesla Lab

With the latest update, the Tesla Lab’s abnormal timers have been fixed, bringing it in line with the standard time frames. As a result, some players are questioning whether it’s still worth the effort to upgrade it to Glory level 6. The building concept itself is promising, offering free speed-ups, base boosts, and even free troops. However, there is a significant drawback: the time it takes to regenerate its resources.

The time required for the Tesla Lab to regenerate its resources as you upgrade it can be unreasonably long. In some instances, it can take over 24 hours to replenish even 75% of its resources. This extended downtime hampers its usefulness and discourages players from actively utilizing the building’s benefits.

A Call for Reevaluation

Given the current state of the Tesla Lab, it is imperative for the developers at T4F to take a deeper look into this matter. While the fix was necessary to address the exploit, the building’s current regeneration time may have swung too far in the opposite direction. Striking the right balance is crucial to ensure that the Tesla Lab remains a valuable asset to players without being overpowered.

Although reverting to the previous state may not be the ideal solution, there must be a better middle ground that maintains the building’s appeal while addressing the regeneration time concerns. Perhaps implementing a more gradual reduction in timers with upgrades or introducing other means to accelerate regeneration could be considered.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the recent Tesla Lab update. Do you find the current state of the building satisfactory, or do you believe it needs further adjustments? Please share your opinions and suggestions in the comments below.


The recent update to the Tesla Lab in Invasion Modern Empire has fixed the abnormal time frames that players were exploiting. While this has curbed potential abuses, it has also led to concerns about the viability of upgrading the Tesla Lab to Glory level 6. We acknowledge the building’s potential and its value in providing free speed-ups, base boosts, and free troops. However, the extended regeneration time needs to be addressed to strike a better balance. Players eagerly await a more refined approach that makes the Tesla Lab a rewarding investment without overshadowing other gameplay elements.

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